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Erica Shreck  

Meet Hairstylist Erica Shreck from the small town of Chillicothe, Ohio. She is a licensed cosmetologist that specializes in bridal updos and color! Erica is graduate of Ohio State of Cosmetology and has been in the industry for 7 years now. She has a true love for all things hair. After many years of experience, Erica opened Southern Styles with her sister in her hometown of Chillicothe, Ohio. She also travels to do wedding party hair/ event hair. Why not make it easy on the bride and bridal party and let her come to you? Erica loves her job because she gets to make every person that sits in her chair feel great about themselves. 


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Geanine Baylor

Geanine Baylor has been making her own exclusive clothing pieces since high school, making outfits for herself and her boyfriend, now husband and friends for various special occasions. Creating custom clothing for couples and families evolved naturally.  

In July 2015, Geanine made it official and started Eninaeg (en/neen/gee) Designs.  With her unique designs, a family or couple can attend special events or have a photo shoot with pieces that ties everyone together while allowing their individual personalities to shine. She guarantees that no other couple or family will look like you!

You can find Geanine on all social media @eninaegdesigns.

(Columbus, Ohio)

Belle Borders

My name is Belle Borders but to my family and close friends call me Belinda. 

I am a stylist at an Aveda concept salon in Urbana Ohio called The Hair Company. Where I am a craft designer and a make-artist. With just a few years in the industry I’ve managed to accomplish a few things that includes the BCl mentor scholarship where I mentored with Wella mentor Marylle Koken, and her harlot team, and  Wella educator Nick Berardi. Along with being a part of our growing fashion industry here in Ohio. 

When I was 10, I became a ward of the court. This is what fuels my passion to create and be successful. I strive to teach my children and the people around me that even though you come from nothing you can still be something. I love to create, and I hope that through my career I can change lives. While also setting an example my children can look up to and follow. I hope that one day, that I can grow a business a business just like my great grandfather did. And leave a legacy that is better than the one I have. 

When I’m not in the salon, or meeting wonderful people through some of the organizations I donate time to, I love to spend time with my husband and our two children and our little dog. Our weekends are spent, at ball games, school activities, zoo and festivals or hanging out at the house. My little family is my support team. They are small, but each of them inspires me to do my best. And that what I take to the salon with me every day. 

IG:Hairstylistcanves  FB: @Hairstylistcaves

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Marcie Hon

We believe in order to create a unique personal style, you have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone. With that being said, confidence is the best accessory to any look. At DTMV, we pride ourselves on helping women find unique vintage styles that can still be easily integrated into their modern day wardrobes. We urge our clients to expand their typical day-to-day looks by incorporating vintage statement pieces that full are of color, print or feature an interesting detail. You do not need a special occasion to wear vintage fashion! Founder Marcie Hon, a Cincinnati native, graduated from the University of Cincinnati's DAAP program in 2015 for fashion design and product development. After gaining insight from various corporate internships, Hon quickly realized where she felt most at home in the fashion industry. A particular internship at a local costume shop piqued her interest the most. From styling local theater productions, she gained much knowledge of period clothing throughout the eras. Her appreciation for vintage clothing had always been there, but a whole new adoration had been formed. She was left unfulfilled after being laid off twice and unable to find permanent work in the design industry, Hon decided to start DTMV part-time in fall 2016. She started by selling online through Etsy and by participating in local flea markets and craft fairs. Down to Mars Vintage Ltd. began full time operations late 2018 at the Downtown Cincy Winter Pop Shop and has since opened a brick and mortar location in Downtown Cincinnati.

Elizabeth Jr

Mary Elizabeth Taylor Jr, Self-taught fashion designer from Cincinnati with an intense passion for all things fashion, she's been involved in this industry since 2006. It wasn't until 2014 when she gained the confidence to make clothing for the people. Her passion for fashion design started when she was a young girl living in a small 3 bedroom apartment in OTR which housed 9 people. Although most of her wardrobe consisted of hand-me-downs she always had an enthralling sense of style. She understood at a young age that other kids in her situation wouldn't look at her life and say you are blessed because they don't understand that wearing clothes that don't stand for you and being flashy are material. She soon started making doll clothing and from that point she kept developing her craft, teaching herself new techniques. When she realized that she could use her brand to help people see that representing a brand that rocks and supports you is how you get value out of what you wear, it is the message or story that you wear.  She aims to showcase timeless and trend-setting garments fit for a Diverse and Inclusive world. The 3 core values that describe her brand are Diversity, Culture, and Beauty. 


Quote she lives by: Everything you can imagine is real - Pablo Picasso

IG is elizabeth_jr_
FB is Elizabeth Jr