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The official Ohio Hair, Talent, and Fashion Awards

What is the

A new platform created to annually award Ohio based professionals that work in the industry of cosmetology, fashion, and beauty or those who work in the world of performing arts and music talents.  We realized that Ohio has many talented people that do not get the recognition for the hard work they do in their daily lives, and it was time to do something about it. 


How does the voting process work?​

 The first thing you do is nominate someone using their social media name tag (for example, ours would be @BuckeyeAwards because that is our social media name tag on Instagram & Facebook).  The nomination option is in the "voting" tab on our website.   After the nomination period is over, the top nominees from each category will be announced after they accept the invitation to our awards show.  

Lastly, the voting polls will open up again, but only the top nominees will be on ballot and invited to the red carpet awards.  This event will be promoted online, with different media outlets, commercials, and more.  Winners will be announced at the awards and they will receive their award and statewide recognition as the best in Ohio for their category.


If you need more information, please contact us by


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