The Rules


4 main Rules for nominations

There are four rules before nominating someone.  

Please read below:

Rule #1 - The nominee must be a licensed professional in the state of Ohio only when being nominated in the field of cosmetology (this excludes fashion, talent, or children awards).


Rule #2 - USE THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA TAG (example: @BuckeyeAwards to nominate them) The nominee must be at least 18 years old unless they are being nominated for children awards (which we must have parent/guardian permission for). 


Rule #3 - The nominee must have at least one website or social media profile (Facebook, Instagram, etc). For children awards this rule applies for the parent.


Rule #4 - If a final nominee fails to attend the awards ceremony, they knowingly forfeit their award and it will go to the runner up nominee*


*unless preapproved with written permission by Buckeye Hair Fashion Awards Director.