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New! Talent Awards Nominations

We have a special announcement! This year we are adding a new awards show to highlight the many talented Music and Performing Arts individuals and groups here in Ohio. You can now nominate your favorite talents for an award. Full show details coming soon! Here are the categories for 2021 Talent nominations:


· Best Music Producer

· Best Female Artist of the Year

· Best Male Artist of the Year

· Song of the Year

· Music Video of the Year

· Pop Artist of the Year

· Country Artist of the Year

· Reggae Artist of the Year

· R&B Artist of the Year

· Hip Hop Artist of the year

· Rock/Metal Band of the Year


· Best Solo Dancer (all genres)

· Best Dance Group (all genres)

· Ballet Dancer of the Year

· Choreographer of the Year

· Best in Circus Arts

· Best Performing Arts Venue

· Best Spoken Word Artist

· Best Magician of Year

· Best Comedian of Year

· Musician of the Year (instrumentalist)

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