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Nominees for Best Nail Tech

10 Heather Wright CIN.jpeg

Heather Wright - I am a self taught nail tech who has been licensed for 5 years. I love to create and help clients relieve stress and feel beautiful after they leave me. I will continue to strive to provide a safe, relaxing and cool place to come and unwind.

39 Art The Nail Shop CIN.jpeg

Art The Nail Shop (Jyana the nail artist)  - Hi my name is Jyana and I’m a nail artist. I’ve been doing nails since 1997 and have always loved my career. I love making clients feel beautiful whether it’s and nude nail moment or a full on art gallery on their nails, it brings me joy. My favorite type of nail art to do is abstract and art work replicas. I love knowing what’s on trend but I’m definitely a classic nail artist. I’m a natural nail tech so I don’t do any acrylic or dip powder service. I provide clients with gel manicures, gel x tips, structured gel manicures, pedicures, men’s services and nail art. At ART The nail shop it’s all about the ART of healthy hands and feet.

48 NaildbyDrewsie DAY.jpeg

Mia Andrews/Naild By Drewsie - Nails have always been a passion of mine and I am truly honored to be nominated for this award ! When I was 10 years old I started asking my grandmother to buy me press on nails & I fell in love with having my nails done. I started getting plain nails & redrawing the designs from the press ons just to see if I could do it . Finally I asked if I could get an acrylic set so I could start practicing. All throughout middle school & high school, I kept my nails done with my self taught skills & nail art ideas. The more I practiced the better I got because people started to notice my talent. So many people started to tell me that I should be working in a nail salon so finally in 2015 I decided to go to cosmetology school for my manicurist license. It took me 3 years to actually start nails full time because I was honestly a little scared about actually making it in the business. In 2018 I started working at my first nail salon & it was the best thing I could have done ! I have been a full time nail tech for the past 4 years & I love every bit of it. From drawing character nail art to doing a full-set of bling nails , I really am living my dream when it comes to having a career. I know I’m going places with my nail career & this nomination was one of the biggest things I’ve been apart thus far & Im so grateful. I always put my all into every set of hands I touch and I plan to continue to make women feel good as long as I can !

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