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Fee & Prizes

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There are 3 ways to enter.  See chart for comparisons and decide the best entry for you.  You can go up a level anytime before October 6, 2019, but you can not go down a level.  Once your application and fee is accepted, there are no refunds if you decide to forfeit the competition. 


*Confident Competitor and Gold Competitors are the only entries that can earn commission from ticket sells.  You can earn commission until tickets are sold out.  Confident competitors can start earning $5 commission on tickets immediately.  Gold competitors can start earning $5 commission starting on the 11th sold ticket (the first 10 tickets does not have commission awards). FREE tickets do not count toward your first 10 tickets. 

**Free T-Shirts for Confident and Gold Competitors while supplies last

^Promo videos are optional, but they sponsored video shoots by iTOLDuSO Productions LLC.  You will have to set up your shoot with them via email at: or call 513-898-0552.  Keep in mind that shoots are only available based on the availability of iTOLDuSO Productions LLC's calendar.  If they can not shoot on location, you may be asked to meet them at a designated area.  Shoots may not be available after October 15, 2019. 

Need a vendor booth as well?  Just for being a part of the show, you will be given a vendor booth fee discount. Ask us for more information. This can be a great way to promote yourself throughout the day! 

To contact us by email, you can e-mail:

To contact us by email, you can call 513-402-2825 (BUCK)

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