Frequently asked questions

When are the show dates?

July 10, 2021 will be the date for the Buckeye children's fashion show and September 12, 2021 for the Buckeye Hair Fashion Awards® and The Buckeye Talent Awards™.

Where will the events take place?

The Buckeye Children's Fashion Show will be at The House of Defi-ance inside Dayton Mall. The Buckeye Hair Fashion Awards and Buckeye Talent Awards™ both will be at The 20th Century Theater (3021 Madison Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45209). Subscribe to our emails and follow us on social media to get all the latest updates and flash deals!

If I used to do business in Ohio, can I still be nominated?

No, you have to have at least 1 current business in this field located in Ohio

Do you have group rates available?

Yes, group rates will show when you order through our link. It will take you to EventBrite and you will be able to take advanage of our group rate ticket discount. Tickets will go on sale starting August 1, 2021

Will models need to have experience to participate in the show?

No experience necessary. We encourage everyone to audition no matter their skill level.

I am currently in hair school. Can I still participate in events as a hairstylist?

We are looking for volunteer hairstylists behind scenes to help our models look beautiful during the fashion show. This is an awesome opportunity to get credit for asisting with hair/makeup with this event production. Email us for more information at and follow us on social media to get all the latest updates (@BuckeyeAwards).