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Nominees for Best Hairstylist

41 Belle Borders URBANA.jpg

Belle Borders - Hi my names Belinda Borders or Belle Borders is what my clients call me. I've been a stylist for going on 7 years now. I enjoy what I do. I love the creative aspect of this field and the ability we have to touch others. And change they're story and make a change just by doing theyre hair. I've been bless, with this industry. I work with Laura Dark Photography and DeFi. I'm involved with beauty changes lives.

57 Whitney Peek CIN.jpeg

Whitney Peek - My non profit organization is dedicated to helping individuals of our community titivate themselves in preparation to enter the workforce, school and everyday life. PIB will be assisting Foster children, children that have been adopted or in group homes and families in shelters

11 Bryanna Brown COL.JPG

Bryanna Brown - My name is Bryanna brown , I’ve am a self taught licensed braider born and raised in Columbus Ohio. I taught myself to braid when I was around 9 years old & always knew I’d be a hairstylist.when I graduated I couldn’t keep a job & I quit my job in 2020 to pursue my dream in the hair industry because something in me told me I wasn’t supposed to be working. Although there are long nights and early morning it’s worth every minute & it is truly an honor to be nominated for this award

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