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Nominees for female music video

6 VIPeach CIN.jpeg

Vipeach I’m Vipeach i am a music artist, event producer, model, model mentor, dog groomer, veteran, and a single mom to a 8 year old daughter who was born with a birth defect called gastroschisis. I’m a rapper/singer from Cincinnati ohio and run a modeling mentorship program with a team of over 30 models called Platinum Peach Modeling. I was in the Army for 6 years and used to manage Petsmart. I have a podcast called Speaking your truth un told stories of abuse to raise awareness about domestic violence. I use my platforms to inspire men and women to leave and bring attention to the epidemic of domestic violence. Inspire others to chase their dreams and believe in themselves. I throw my own concerts for local talent and for celebrities here in the city with the intention to bring opportunity to the city and to deserving artists who need to be heard. I’ve been building my VIPeach brand for over 11 years now and have been trying to monetize it and create enough awareness to be in the entertainment industry full time.

5 Tiana Dean CIN.jpeg

Tiana Dean - Tiana Dean is an independent recording artist and has been professional recording for 7 years now. Born and raised in cincinnati OHIO, Tiana’s goal is to be a songwriter. She plans to write for some of her favorite artist like Arianna Grande, Chloe and more! Tiana has been inspirational as a new artist here in Cincinnati. She is a Pop/rnb artist and the city hasn’t experienced a talent like hers and absolutely loves when she shows up and shows out! We will be hearing and seeing more of Tiana Dean!

54 Imber Solis COL.jpg

Imber Solis Imber Solis is breaking genres and stereotypes by creating a diverse, inclusive, introspective, and just plain fun atmosphere and music for her audience. This is apparent in her music video "Take It! (It's Your Time) produced by local videographer Trey Pride. The lyrics are encouraging and uplifting, the music is a unique blend of 50's rock and jazz, and the video could be taken straight from a modern version of Grease. Showing off a '57 Chevy, a diverse group of "Pink Ladies", a punk rock Danny Zuko, and Imber's killer impression of "Bad Sandy", you're not gonna want to miss this amazing music video!

37 Aurrie Janelle COL.jpg

Aurrie Janelle My name is Aurrie Janelle, like Original. I aspire to be original, to express the uniqueness of who I am. My goal with my music is to uplift and encourage. I believe in the power of music. Music can shape culture and society. I want to spread positivity and love through my songs. There is too much negative music that does nothing but spread self-destruction and hate. It's time for a change. I am not just a rapper. I own a clothing line and am a clothing designer. I am also a photographer. I love all forms of art and creativity. I choose to let my light shine in a world of darkness and I challenge you to do the same...

9 Paige Knechtly CIN.jpg

PAIGE PAIGE is a recording artist and live performer located in Cincinnati, OH. She is nominated for 'Best Female Music Video of the Year' for song Bad Habits, available on YouTube, and 'Pop Artist of the Year'. PAIGE continues to grow in her craft and is here to stay in the music industry.

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