Nominees for Best Pop Artist

Photo Apr 01, 7 54 58 PM - Sarah Bailey.

Sarah Bailey - Sarah Bailey is a 25 year old pop singer, songwriter, and producer based in Cleveland, Ohio her whole life. Sarah writes, produces, and records all of her music herself in her home studio. She currently has music out on all platforms while her debut album, "13" arrived everywhere on May 13th. Sarah is always continuing to practice and work on her craft throughout her emerging musical journey while connecting with people who love and can relate to her music.


PAIGE  - Hello! My name is Paige Knechtly. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Throughout my life my passions have grown stronger in my faith, music, and health. I want to inspire the world and myself to be the very best version of oneself and to always lend a hand to someone in need. Thank you!

Lindsay Tatman

Lindsay Tatman  @lindsay.tatman.creative 
“shake the pain” out NOW! ☁️✨
*✧really just a soul having a human experience 💕