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Nominees for Best Fashion Stylist

31 Katherine Trakas COL.jpg

Katherine Trakas - Hello! My name is Katherine Trakas, I am 26 years old and I am a full time freelance fashion stylist and designer. I have been collecting vintage and modern clothing for 7 years, and started styling and creating clothing for 2 years. My brand name is Manifest Metanoia, which stands for using the power to Manifest your vision and Metamorphosis, using upcycled materials to create something new. I specialize in statement pieces and will always embrace the uniqueness within my customers to garentee their vision is brought to life! Being able to style and create custom clothing is something that brings me so much joy! I love working with different looks and materials for any occasion, making sure my customers are comfortable and looking fabulous and sophisticated is my main purpose! I have styled local musicians in columbus, photoshoots, wardrobe for local movies and much more! Although I did not go to college yet, I am working toward my goal to get my education to further my skills in fashion and styling. I am so thankful for the nomination and being noticed by my peers for my talents and skills. If I win Stylist of the Year, not only will it help further my career in fashion, but it would be an honor to be noticed for the hard work and dedication I've put into my business over the last 2 years! Thank you for the opportunity!

SM 1 Confidencespeaks_  mob_chic.jpg

Tiesha Mathis - My name is Tiesha, the owner and creator of MobChic. My brand strives to help women fully embrace their confidence in every aspect. I strive to provide an un forgettable experience for every woman I encounter! MobChic is an online clothing boutique, but in addition we offers styling services, creative directing, brand marketing, content creation, and image consulting that focuses on building the confidence of individuals through style and establishing a sense of self. Confidence always speaks with us 🖤

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Oliver Valdienne - Bio coming soon

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