Nominees for Best in Circus Arts


Cincinnati Circus Company  (@CincinnatiCircusCompany)  - We are a fully athletic Circus who travels the country. We provide stunt shows, aerial, magicians, jugglers, face painters, casino nights, weddings, carnivals, sideshows, inflatables and much more to the community. We started out 25 years ago as a one man juggling show and now we provide services for birthday parties all the way up to state fairs! We are thrilled to be in the entertainment business and hope everyone we encounter loves our shows!

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Courtney Wallace (@courtz_can_fly)  - I am a 28 year old performer and model , born and raised in Cincinnati. I’ve been a performer all my life wether it be through dance or circus arts , over the years I’ve acquired many skills that I love to share and teach to others. I also love traveling , making new friends and just having a good time.


Glovation  - We are not your standard circus show. Of course we offer the expected jugglers, aerialists, stilt walkers, face painters, and side show entertainment. But we also offer trained and insured fire artists, LED visual dancers, strange and curious characters, and more for all events from back yard birthdays to fairs and festivals, corporate and casino to night life and weddings. Our goal is to bring art, magic, and spectacles to the community we love. Ending every event with a Glo-ing Ovation. - Facebook & Instagram | @glovation_at_Night - Instagram | @GLOvationnights - Facebook

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Chaotique Gemz (@Chaotiquegemz)  - Traveling variety performance duo from Ohio specializing in dance and circus arts. Our mission is to captivate crowds and be the dream catchers of those we meet. We aim to spread positivity and provide an experience wherever we go.