Nominees for Best Fashion Photographer 

@HaileyBirchfield - Hi, I'm Hailey! I'm an award-winning, multi-skilled graphic designer and photographer with a serious love for fashion. I love to style my own shoots and can always be found browsing Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. Photography and design has always been something I love deeply. I started taking photos when I was 14 and haven't stopped since. I have worked with various Columbus models and even some brands like FOUNT, Elm & Iron, Lakota Jewels and more. I am now approaching my 5 year mark in the industry and cannot wait to see what I can create next. 

To see what I come up with next, follow my on my instagram @haileybirchfield

Yohan Hameed - Hey, everyone, my name is Yohan Hameed. I'm 43 years old. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and I've always been a very creative individual. I actually found out my first talent was art when I was about 6 years old. All I did was draw. As I got older I got more into technology, music, and graphic designs. I've spent a little over 20 years creating compositions in photoshop. From there I
fell into photography and I completely love what I do. I feel at peace when I have a camera in my hand. There's nothing more on earth I'd rather do as a career than photographing my visions. I hope to have you all apart of it someday.


Phone: 513-399-2550




Carly Rodgers (@CarlyRodgersmedia) - Carly Rodgers is a fashion, editorial, and portrait photographer based out of NKY/Cincinnati. She is the sole owner and creator behind “Carly Rodgers Media.” Carly photographs many models and fashion agencies in the Cincinnati area. She also travels the country working with models, social influencer, and other creators. She strives to capture beauty and introduce creativity to each photoshoot. She has published one photography book titled “colorblind” that showcases the beauty in black and white images. Carly tries to break out of the box and create unique styles of photography that you don’t see every day. While photography is her main focus; she also does videography, film production, music production, and graphic design. She loves meeting and collaborating with other creatives! Her work can be seen on Instagram @CarlyRodgersMedia.

@Shuttereyephotos - Lamar has been featured in over 200 magazines and web features nationally and internationally in the genres of high fashion, fitness, glamour, family and wedding photography. As the wedding industry has really began to boom in the Dayton and surrounding areas, Lamar opened a separate business for weddings and large events called Dayton Wedding Photographers (DWP).  Although Lamar works 30+ hours a week on his photography businesses he is also a Senior IT consultant during the day.  


Lamar is currently the head of photography for DEFI – Dayton’s Fashion Incubator, and has shot most their magazine spreads for the last several years.  In addition, Lamar has shot most the runway shows in and around Ohio for the last several years.  Lamar has a large studio in Dayton’s Front Street Arts district so you can shoot with him year-round rain or shine.




IG @ShutterEyePhoto

FB is Lamar Pacley