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Nominees for Best Fashion Photographer 

46 Tony Winstead CIN.jpeg

Tony Winstead Photography - I was born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio. I developed an affinity for freezing time my way in high school. As soon as I was able to Afford a professional grade camera, I bought one and started teaching myself urban photography in portraiture. I have been very fortunate to work with and retain knowledge from some of the best local pioneers in Photography. Developing my own recipe for editing, and continuing to hone my craft, it can only get better!!!

20 Mx Gay Photography COL.jpg

Vincent-Natasha Gay - Mx. Gay Photography - My name is Vincent-Natasha Gay, NV for short, and I am a transgender photographer based in Columbus, Ohio. My photography focuses on empowering people to see their natural beauty, and advocate on behalf of marginalized communities and human rights. I have created several projects including my most recent, This is Trans, as a way to bring visibility and awareness to those who are constantly unseen and misunderstood.

35 Loreal Diane CLE.jpg

Loreal Diane - My name is Loreal Diane Holt and I go by Loreal Diane professionally. I'm a generalist photographer who captures a wide range of photos from people, landscapes, weddings, pets, maternity, infants, brands, events and etc., I also do videography. What keeps me going and upbeat in this industry is my overall love and passion for service. I always say great photography is not just about capturing an image, its about the ability to have empathy, build rapport with clients, provide great customer service, building rapport with clients, be creative and have camera knowledge all in one. I appreciate and really care about all my clients. Most importantly I take pride in making all my clients feel comfortable and at home while shooting with me.

50 Kevin Rife CIN.jpeg

Kevin Rife - Kevin Rife is a published photographer and videographer in the Cincinnati area. His passion for photographer started at an early age when his mother entrusted him with a disposable film camera on their family vacation. Since then, he has upgraded his equipment, and done everything from weddings, to real estate, to fashion shoots for magazines.

SM 2 Honey GLow PHoto.jpg

Malik Perkins (Honeyglowphoto) - Malik Perkins grew up in Dayton, OH. He graduated from Central State University in 2014 and worked as a news reporter for 4 years. He moved to Columbus, OH In 2018 and launched Honeyglowphoto. The brand focuses on artistic lighting and coloring to create captivating images. The styles he shoots include creative portraits, boudoir, high art , maternity and more. Malik has been published in multiple media outlets and most recently was featured in the Blockfort Columbus Art Show.

53 Tucker Gilkerson CIN.jpeg

Tucker Gilkerson - My name is Tucker Gilkerson. I run Goodlife Studios and I am a full-time photographer and videographer. I work with all levels of talent in the city and believe every person should be given an equal opportunity to work in the creative field. At Goodlife studios we aim to give people that opportunity and make the creative scene easy fun and inviting for everyone.

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