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Nominees for Best Makeup artist

44_45 Supreme Douglas.jpeg

Supreme Douglas - This dream all started because of me watching my mother wear her sheer lipgloss and the white eyeliner that went across her eyes even at five I thought wow simple but beautiful being a Mua is one of the greatest passions iv Fulfilled yet it’s the sparkle in my clients eyes Once the make up is done that reminds me to keep going the supremely beautiful experience is universal it is me it is you it is the reason that I dare to reassure every individual I’ve ever come in contact with of just how beautiful they are from the inside and out I live out my work loving myself ultimately and loving the spirits of others I mean hey we are only here for a short time not a long time and I plan to make every person who sits in my chair Remember that their presence in every detail of their being and Existence is what makes a Supremelybeautiful experience

56 GlamedByGenesis DAY.jpeg

GlamedByGenesis - My name is Genesis and I’m a professional makeup artist. One of the reasons why I love my job is knowing that I am able to help someone regain their confidence back. Winning this award would be a door to new opportunities and the opportunity to continue helping people from any gender or background find themselves again 💗

16 Teighlor Campbell CIN.jpeg

Teighlor Campbell (Taylor campbell) - Hello my name is Teighlor and I am a makeup artist located in Cincinnati Ohio. I have been in the beauty industry for over 5 years. I’ve had the opportunity to work on set with well known celebrities and reality tv shows. I now teach other women on how to be a successful makeup artist and expand their horizons. I’m grateful to be one of the nominees this year for makeup artist of the year!

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