Nominees for Best Manicurist

Morgan Bennett  (@mbbeautyllc) - Morgan is a natural nail technician of seven years. Her specialty is custom nail art including hand painting and stamping. She takes pride in producing high-quality nails, and believes sanitation and product transparency are fundamental. The passion that drives Morgan is the ability to brighten someone's day with her art. Find her instagram at Https://

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Christy Neff (@naildocta) -




*Dual Nominee: The Owner's business  also being nominated for Ohio's Best Salon

@jayyceapri on IG -

​Pronounced: Jayy-Suh-Pree

From Canton, OH 📍

Meraki Nails LLC
•YOUTUBE: JayyCeapri

Jay Ector (Mr. NailSpice)-

My name is Jerry and I am 24 years old from Cincinnati Ohio born and raised! I love doing nails and dance however nails is a big part of my life right now. Growing up for me was a little challenging. I lost my mother when I was 9 and I was also diagnosed with lupus when I was 16. By Dealing with these issues in my life I have learned how to stay positive and that is by surrounding yourself with happiness. So Making people smile is something that personally makes me happy therefore nails and performing is something that I live for. Everything I do has to be done with my all and I believe that in the future I will become something amazing.

Chani Johnson no bio presented