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Nominees for Best Female Model

21 Lexoskeleton COL.jpeg

Lex (Lexoskeleton) - I am here to show that it is okay to be different. No matter what you look like, or what hardships you have been given in this life, take each speed bump and allow them to be milestones of your strength and growth. Loving yourself - just as you are - is the message that is on my heart to encourage each one of you to do. We were all born with different journeys. To compare your journey with someone else’s- will just hurt and/or hinder you from finding the beauty in your own. So go out and show the world who you truly are - wear your individuality like a badge of honor! Celebrate what makes you (you)nique! We need more colors like you, to make the rainbow 🌈 I am (you)nique. I am Lex. Truly- one of a kind!

34 Rebecca Dahab COL.jpeg

Rebecca Dahab - My name is Rebecca Dahab. I started modeling in 2014 to help cope with my Body Dysmorphia and Bell's palsy. I wanted to shine a light on those conditions in hopes to help other women just like me. As of now, I am a published model for Lavish Vixenz Model Team. I am also a Brand Ambassador and licensed Cosmetologist. I am living proof that you can do anything you set your mind too.

6 VIPeach CIN.jpeg

Vipeach I’m Vipeach i am a music artist, event producer, model, model mentor, dog groomer, veteran, and a single mom to a 8 year old daughter who was born with a birth defect called gastroschisis. I’m a rapper/singer from Cincinnati ohio and run a modeling mentorship program with a team of over 30 models called Platinum Peach Modeling. I was in the Army for 6 years and used to manage Petsmart. I have a podcast called Speaking your truth un told stories of abuse to raise awareness about domestic violence. I use my platforms to inspire men and women to leave and bring attention to the epidemic of domestic violence. Inspire others to chase their dreams and believe in themselves. I throw my own concerts for local talent and for celebrities here in the city with the intention to bring opportunity to the city and to deserving artists who need to be heard. I’ve been building my VIPeach brand for over 11 years now and have been trying to monetize it and create enough awareness to be in the entertainment industry full time.

42 AiryTheModel CIN.jpeg

AiryTheModel - I am a freelance model. Who strives to become a better model each day. I want to inspire other models to be a better version of themselves. I have been in several fashion shows. I’ve hosted my own fashion show. I’ve worked with celebrity photographers and celebrities in their own music videos. There’s so much more in store for me. If you want to keep up with me and my modeling journey; follow me on Instagram @AiryTheModel

52 Christy Carson CIN.jpeg

Christy Carson - Christy Carson is a Cincinnati-based actor and model. From performing onstage with a crowd to posing in front of a camera, she thrives when bringing stories to life and creating art through acting, singing, dancing, and modeling.

22 Diamond Nelson CIN.jpeg

Diamond Nelson - I wanted to become a model from inspiration watching America’s next top model. I loved the idea of actually being seen by being on the runway or in front of a camera. Modeling is my passion and my life, it’s made me a better person. I’ve gained a lot more confidence, and personality. I started modeling when I was 15. I had no ambition in the beginning because I was young and comparing myself to models who’ve been doing it for a while. As I got older and grew my experience I started to learn from advanced models and not compare myself to them. I took classes, I studied, I practiced, I went to model camps just to better my craft because I was growing a love for it. Modeling changed me has a whole and I’m so happy that I stuck with it. 7 years into it and my work has advanced so much, I’m really just getting started. I’m proud of how far I’ve came, who I’ve grown to be, and all of the accomplishments I have. I look up to some of the best models in the city and I hope all my hard work pays off.

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