Nominees for Best Female Model


Tra’neé Monáe (@dailydoseofmonae ) - Modeling hasn’t always been a dream of mine. Growing up, I had low confidence and self esteem issues. I never really felt pretty. One day, I thought I would try modeling as a way to help break out of my shell and to hopefully gain more confidence in myself . Once I joined Lavish Vixenz and Nay took a chance on me, it literally changed my life.. Through all the photo shoots, training, workshops, exposure and good friendships gained from being on this team has quickly turned my hobby into a dream and a passion. My current goal with modeling is to now become a household name and use my platform to assist in my other personal goals in social welfare. I must admit, modeling has had a very positive impact on my life in ways I couldn’t imagine.. I am able to use it as an escape from the outside world and to use as an element of expression.

@airythemodel-@shotbyana-8 - Airy Pinklo

Airy TheModel (@AiryTheModel )- Being a model has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. Watching Victoria secret models walk down the runway in the angel wings. I knew right then and there; I wanted to be like them despite my size. My name is  AiryTheModel. When you hear my name after the first time, you should remember me. Being a model has always been my passion; long before I started actually working as one. Modeling was made for me, it is me. Models come in small packages I'm one of them. That's why  You should vote for me . My goal is to own the runway whenever i'm on it.Own the camera when I'm in front of it. and to elevate myself an my craft to the highest degree.

Bee the Model.jpeg

Bee The Model (@b_themodel) - I am Brandii Bee The Model I’m with Blu Models Agency based out of Virginia Beach growing up people use to always say you are so beautiful and tall you should Model plus watching America’s Next Top Model inspired me to start when I was 17 I worked with an Model agent/ photographer out of Cincinnati named Clatties Moore he taught me everything I know and pushed me to work harder studying magazines and commercial ads he later passed in 2016 knowing he wanted me to become a star keeps me going daily I became a published model it comes natural for me its art and I’m the artist it’s a passion and my lifestyle I see myself in magazines and on billboards I inspire so many young women to become models and do whatever they love doing!


Paris Aumiere (@theparisaumiere- Hi, I’m Paris Aumiere. I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. Growing up, I didn’t see models who looked like me in the media so I assumed my beauty wasn’t good enough. That lack of representation motivated me to get into modeling because I wanted to be an inspiration for the next little girl or boy with big hair and full lips to look up too. Since I’ve been modeling, I have been published twice, I was in the cover of a magazine, modeled at Beauty Expo, had numerous photo shoots with some of Ohio’s top photographers, and became the Advisor of Lavish Vixenz Modeling Team. My modeling career has been a whirlwind but this is only the beginning for me. When I’m not in front of the camera you can find me in the dance studio perfecting my craft, organizing homeless drives and creating different fundraisers.