Nominees for Best clothing designer

Marissa Holt (@marissabrittholt) - Marissa Britt Holt is a vintage inspired sustainable, womenswear brand. With the Fashion Industry being the second most polluting industry in the world, Marissa Britt Holt uses alternative fabrics in place of animal-based fabrics. With the practice of reducing waste, and using fabrics that are not made from harsh dyes and chemicals, Marissa Britt Holt has been made into an eco-friendly brand. This is Holt's second nomination after winning Best Sustainable Emerging Designer of 2018 at San Francisco Community Fashion Week.


Shermeka Jones (@esjay_bysimone) - Shermeka Simone Jones was born Dec 22 1987 in Oakland, Ca to a navy vet (mother) and her father. She took an interest in fashion when her mom bought her an American girl doll book where she could change outfits on her paper dolls. She started sewing clothes for her barbies at the age of 6. Simone hand sewed all clothes for her brand until about 2013.. when her neighbor gave her a sewing machine. Esjay by Simone began in 2005 at Walnut Hills High school were she attended 7th-12 grade. She was accepted into Savanna College of Art & Design with a scholarship but due to unforeseen circumstances stayed local at University of Cincinnati. Her brand is a self esteem builder,  hoping to suggest that clothing doesn't "make" beauty but only "enhances beauty you already possess. 

Her dream is to design for the red carpet celebrities and for her brand to become a household name. TO God is the glory!

Instagram: @esjay_bysimone

Facebook: Esjay By-Simone

@escustoms - Esbeey Madera - Young, motivational, self taught artist/designer based out of Cleveland Ohio. All pieces are hand painted 1 of 1 and never recreated. Participated, created, and featured in NYFW, Miami art basil & more fashion shows within the US. Created designs for a few big names in the industry such as MGK, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump & more which has landed him a spot on a few tours. Featured in a short film to be announce next summer. When not working with major artists he loves to collaborate on projects with the city of Cleveland to help give back to the people.

Manic Vanity Clothing (@manic_vanity) -

"Live Life Fresh"™ 
Twitter: @manicvanity_ 
Facebook: Manic Vanity Clothing 
20522 Southgate Park Blvd Maple Heights OHIO 44137

@thekingdomfashion - Sika InMe/Fashion Designer

Haute Couture Bridal, Evening Wear and Prom
Located in Columbus Ohio