Nominees for Best Barber


@kibwebarber -What started as a teen age hobby (ca.1991) to make extra money, eventually turned into a positive way to express himself artistically. He later realized that it could became a lucrative career.


 After attending Cincinnati's School of Barbering & Hair Design, completing the required 1800 hours of study & training and passing his State board exam in late 2001, Kibwe managed and worked in several thriving Barber Shops in Cincinnati, Oh. for nearly a decade. His creativity and many years of experience is what helped him develop the "Barber's Eye" and have the drive to compete in several states at well known Hair Shows and Barbering competitions, making him an Award winning Barber. To view his work and endless portfolio, visit him on all social media outlets (IG, FB, Twitter) @KibweBarber. Kibwe is the owner and managing Barber at Headliners Barbering & Grooming Barber shop and has ran it successfully for 10 years.

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Helena Mansour (@beautythebarber) -My name is Helena Mansour I am 23 years old and I have been a cosmetologist/barber for 6 years now!I and from Cleveland Ohio and I absolutely love my craft and strive everyday to be the best I can be! I love fashion and design and I put a lot of that into my work doing the hottest trends .


Zay Cuttflo (@zay_cuttflo) I’m a barber at 27 years old... I ride motorcycles and cut hair ! Clientele ranges from kids to professional athletes (bengals, reds and fc cincinnati soccer) .. it’s about the experience of the haircut !

Veteran cuts

Sean James (@veteran_cuts) - What’s up everyone reading my name is Sean James but most know my by VC or @Veteran_cuts i have been cutting hair my entire life but professionally for 5 years now!
I am the owner of @studio_6_columbus and the barber for the MLS champions Columbus Crew! The Columbus Bluejackets and many of the Ohio State University athletes.
This line up not including the professionals in everyday life ranging from governors, City consul members, judges and first responders shows you that my artistic ability’s with the clippers are a need for the cameras and daily life!
I believe this eye for details comes from my 6 years of combat military experience and understanding from that you only get one shot to impress your Canvas when they sit in your chair.