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Nominees for Best Model Organization 

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Lavish Vixenz Model Team - Lavish Vixenz is a black owned modeling team based in Cincinnati, Ohio that was founded and current managed by Miss’ Nay Reynolds. My goal was to help aspiring models break into the modeling business without the hassles and complications most freelance models have to endure. We represents the diversity and beauty in women of color. We are more than just the “average model”. We rebuild and break the barriers on what it means to be a model by building confidence and self esteem to face the model industry head on.

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Starbound Models & Talent  - We lead models, actors, dancers and singers to success. We can help you build a winning portfolio, hone in your audition skills and make the connections you need to be successful. As a mother agency, we’re truly invested in you and will advocate on your behalf with talent and booking agents. 

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Mr.Officials.LLC - bio coming soon


Sigal Models & Talent -  Sigal Models has a proven blueprint for training models in an industry that is highly competitive and requires constant development and skills. Their difference as industry leaders has a proven success rate of representing polished, professional model candidates that are presented to top clients in the fashion and commercial field.

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