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Nominees for Best Barbershop

29 Studio 6 COL.jpeg

Studio 6 Barber & Beauty Lounge A shop for everyone but styles created by professionals for you! The most colorful and talented shop in OHIO

58 supremacy.cle.png

Khristian Santana (Supremacy Barbershop)  - from Cleveland, Ohio. He has partnered up with his wife, and both of them run Supremacy Barbershop, a territory created purely for males who appreciate premium quality and flawless look. In 2020, I chose to open up my own barbershop partnering up with my wife. We decided to call it Supremacy barbershop. We chose that name due to the word supreme, which means above the rest. I always wanted to own my barbershop. And, after being a barber for more than 15 years, I think I have more than skin in the game to take on any challenge in the barbering industry.

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JS Barber studio - Bio Coming oon

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